Air Charge

The ultimate convenience in device charging.

The aircharge surface charger is designed to wirelessly charge smartphones like the latest Nexus 5 and can be applied to any surface in your workplace or home. Available in a choice of finishes, this inspired product is designed to fit standard 80mm desk grommets, and is incredibly simple to install.

The aircharge surface charger can be applied to other areas of the workplace and home; our products bring power to the user offering a smart solution to keeping your devices charge up and a convenience that will add value to any environment.

Install this wireless charging transmitter within any desk, meeting table or other worksurface; and enjoy the convenience of being able to charge smartphones and tablets without being tethered or having the hassle of finding a power point.

  • Fits into 80mm hole in work surface (retrofittable to standard 80mm desk grommets).
  • Can be secured to underside of work surface using steel plate and screws provided.
  • Fits to a range of desk thicknesses (18mm – 50mm).
  • USB power cable allows multiple units to be connected to hub.
  • Soft rubber ring to place phone / device on.
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